You're Afraid To Succeed

Why are you so afraid of success?

Have you gotten down to the nitty gritty of why you procrastinate on projects and business ideas that could literally change your life in the best way possible? I wouldn’t say that I’ve done a TON of digging, but I’m aware enough to realize that I’m actually afraid of receiving the amount of success that I’ll achieve. You see, the truth is that we all want some type of success--house, car, family, good paying job, more social media followers or even just successful enough to put your bills on auto pay without worry. Whatever your definition of success is—you want it!

So.... if you want it so bad why aren’t you working toward it? With complete transparency here are a few reasons why I have held back---It may also be some of yours.

More Money = More Problems:

You’ve heard the song, you’ve heard the phrase. The more money you make the more problems are visibly heightened. It’s inevitable!

Giving access to "strangers":

I don’t want to give people access to “assume” they can say what they want to or about me. Social platforms have given everyone a “voice”. Unfortunately, all of those voices don’t want to see you succeed.

What happens when I succeed?:

I’m more afraid of being successful than I am of failing. We often say we’re afraid of failing that’s we don’t try, but the truth is we’re more afraid of succeeding which is why we don’t try.

Affirmations to overcome:

More Money = More Problems:

I accept that the more money I make the more money I can invest in my dreams/goals in creating the life I love to live for myself & others. Its inevitable!

Giving access to "strangers":

What you think about me is none of my business. I shouldn’t expect you to root for me b/c you didn’t give me the vision. I aim to only please God. 

What happens when I succeed?

I'll push past those voices that I don’t “deserve” success because I know I was created to get every desire that my heart has.

Don't give up on you! You deserve it.

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